Want to find out more about Orienteering?

Orienteering is a sport open to all abilities. Great fun for the whole family and simple to get started.

At the elite level it is incredibly challenging, combining sporting effort with memory and navigation skills. You use a map to find a route from control to control. Events vary with the terrain/ environment (from urban to dense forest), with complexity/ difficulty of the navigation and with duration (either distance or time)

iOrienteering is designed to make orienteering fun for all. Ultimately it allows short term or permanent courses to be timed and for runners to compare their results without complicated recording equipment.

iOrienteering isn’t just limited to the traditional sport. It has lots of other uses. Why not use it to time your cycling sportive or mountain bike orienteering event? Have you got a club run or challenge you’d like to time? Organising a car rally? Why not use this app to show the cars have been to the right places/ in the right order? Its free to set up and use.

It can be used anywhere in the world. Any time of day or night.

Start in a group or challenge your friends. Why not set up your own events and have fun.

You can find out more about orienteering via the links below;